En la lista de discusión Firebird-General se publicaron unos mensajes que sugieren que en pocos días estará disponible la versión Final de Firebird 2.0. Más...

Este es un extracto de lo que se publicó en la lista Firebird-General y que Helen Borrie confirma, que en pocos días se liberará la versión Final, estemos alertas. [i]Re: [Firebird-general] 2.0 Release Candidate 6 ? At 09:38 AM 10/11/2006, edutu wrote: >on, the Release Candidate 5 has the version, >but i downloaded earlier today a version. >is this the final version or some kind of "Release Candidate 6" ? It is the final version. You "lucked in" - you caught the files in a window of time whilst we were waiting for them to propagate to the mirrors. Now they are officially hidden until the release time. Release time what is happening in the Firebird community over the next few days and you should be able to work out when the release is planned to appear. :-) Helen [/i] [font=Courier] from the changelog: ************************** * v2.0 Final ************************** * Fixed RC5 bug (CORE-980) NO WAIT is implied instead of WAIT when the host application doesn't provide TPB Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov * Fixed RC5 bug Server crashes if being connected via gds32 from latest InterBase versions Contributor(s): Dmitry Yemanov Alex Peshkov ************************** * v2.0 Release Candidate 5 ************************** * Fixed unregistered bug Win32 installer was trying to upgrade an existing Fb 1.5 install. This was the underlying cause of CORE-934 Contributor(s): Paul Reeves ................................ [/font]