Lazarus es un IDE multi-plataforma IDE para Pascal. Su objetivo es escribir una vez, compilar en cualquier lugar.

Permite utilizar a Firebird como base de datos.

Se ha liberado la versión 1.4.4.

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Fixes for 1.4.4 (Merged)

Important note for OS X: OS X 10.10 Yosemite no longer supports the default debugging format of FPC 2.6.4 (-g stabs). The IDE uses -gw (dwarf) instead on darwin.

  • r47800 TDateEdit: refactor GetDate/SetDate; reduce the need for parsing Text for GetDate; force valid text in control when DirectInput = False
  • r49078 ToDo List: Fix column widths, was wrong in OSX. Issue #27866.
  • r49543 LazFileUtils: FileIsReadable on Windows should only return True if the file actually exists.
  • r49559 Examples: fix memoryleak in ResExplorer
  • r49560 Examples: ResExplorer: clear contents of the pagecontrol if ther is nothing to be shown or when opening another file.
  • r49321 LCL: Fix wrong ListBox painting in WinXP. Issue #28275.
  • r49561 LCL-Win32: Take care of standard style painting when reducing flicker in TListbox. Issue #28146.
  • r49587 IDE: Include compatibility information for compatibility with W8/W81/W10. Issue #0028435.
  • r49589 TAChart: Fix missing minor ticks #28466 Issue #issue #28466.
  • r49595 LCL: in TMaskEdit.RestoreMask only clear the control if it is actually masked. Issue #0028477.
  • r49599 IDE: In "Needs building" dialog prevent a crash when text was typed in Combobox. Layout improvements. Issue #28456.
  • r49686 TShellTreeView: publish properties StateImages, OnGetImageIndex and OnGetSelectedIndex. Patch by wp. Issue #0028539
  • r49695, r49849 Translations: Hungarian translation updates by Péter Gábor
  • r49703 IdeIntf: Use ShortCompareText in both compare functions for Clasnames. Issue #28546.
  • r49711 LCL: Prevent "Abstract method called" also with FPC 3.0.0. Issue #27754.
  • r48689 LazUtils: Implement abstract methods for classes TXMLObjectWriter / TXMLObjectReader. Issue #27817, patch from Vojtech Cihak.
  • r49712 LazUtils: Prevent "Abstract method called" for TXMLObjectWriter / TXMLObjectReader also with FPC 3.0.0. Issue #27817.
  • r49480,r49489 OI: Update text value also when the control is changed but property remains the same. Issue #23918.
  • r49726 LCL: Make TUpDown.ArrowKeys work. Issue #28537
  • r49730 Qt: fixed font assignment when parentFont=false and font is default one. Issue #28437.
  • r49731 Qt: fixed IndexOfTabAt() when bidiMode of TPageControl is RTL. Issue #28591.
  • r49741 TShellTreeView: fix populating the tree when FileSortType at designtime is not fstNone. Issue #0028565.
  • r49750 IDEIntf: fixed DBGrid column deletion prompt, Issue #28611
  • r49751 LCL: Publish TEditButton.ParentShowHint (Issue #0028492).
  • r49733 TAChart: Publish OnResize event.
  • r49760 LazReport: lrCodeReport RunReport procedure now takes an argument for optionally showing the report after run
  • r49763 LazReport, lrCodeReport: add missing layout text property, from Frans van Leeuwen. Issue #28609.
  • r49764 LazReport, lrCodeReport: sample for testing text layout.
  • r49766 TFloatSpinEdit: don't "eat" Copy/Cut/Paste keyboard shortcuts (Issue #0028626).
  • r49768 Qt: avoid Qt assertions when setting minimum width of statusbar panels.
  • r49769 Qt: fixed clientrect sync between lcl and qt for TCustomControls. Issue #28596
  • r49839 LCL: do not call DoCallKeyEventHandler() inside TWinControl.KeyDown() if Key = 0, since it might be that our control is destroyed inside OnKeyDown event. Fixes regression of Issue #28537
  • r49856 LCL, fix crash on inserting record in multiselect dbgrid, from Luiz Americo. Issue #28688.
  • r49860 LCL: TFileNameEdit - use TOpenPictureDialog if kind of dialog is dkPicture.
  • r49889 SynEdit, Highlighter: more html5 tags. Issue 28547 patch by Janusz
  • r49890 SynEdit, Highlighter: more css3 tags. Issue 28548 patch by Janusz
  • r49891 SynEdit: invalidate if Markup.enable changes. Issue 0028729
  • r49892 SynEdit: fix drag and drop selection-text, drop (move) after multi-byte chars. Issue 0028724
  • r49893 IDE: Fix 2 stage key-combos issue 0027992
  • r49896 LCL, grids: fix range check error on pasting empty cells, fix by wp, Issue #28747.
  • r49885 LCL, grids: make ClearSelections public, from wp, Issue #27437
  • r49904 tools: updatemakefiles: using only lazutils instead of lclbase
  • r49905 tools: updatemakefiles: fixed calling it from inside tools
  • r49906 IDE+lazbuild+makefiles: on darwin use -gw instead of -g

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